San Telmo

Street Art, San Telmo

Street Art, San Telmo

Just a short walk from the Plaza de Mayo, San Telmo is an historic working-class and culturally vibrant area well worth exploring. It bursts to life on Sundays when it’s main thoroughfare, Defensa, is closed to traffic and opened to the liveliest street market in Buenos Aires. Stalls selling everything from antique signs, decorative mate gourds to funky, modern art.

Plaza Dorrego, the 2nd oldest square in the city, plays host to live tango displays – it’s strictly for the tourists, but the quality is high, and the atmosphere is fun. You can also eat or just take the weight off at one of the many outside bars and restaurants.

Other highlights are the large fruit and vegetable market between Defensa and Carlos Calvo, the narrowest house in Buenos Aires (San Lorenzo 380) and the restored Pasaje de la Defensa, a great example of the traditional casa chorizo (sausage house), so-called due to its long, thin layout.

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