Alvear Palace

Of all the Notable Bars, the hotel bar in the Alvear Palace was one that I was really looking forward to. Situated on swanky Avenida Alvear, the hotel has played host to such luminaries as Bill Clinton, Tom Cruise and Nelson Mandela and I was hoping that the bar would live up to its illustrious reputation.


I was not disappointed – the place is gorgeous. Situated just past the lobby, it is bedecked in shiny marble, chrome fittings and deep, dark wood. The bar itself sits in the middle of the far wall lined with a subtle display of glass and bottles.


We visited on a sunny Sunday afternoon and there were a number of other tables occupied, but it was by no means busy and the grandeur of the surroundings made for a very relaxing and tranquil experience.


Certainly not the cheapest place in town, but if you’re looking to impress or simply to relax in beautiful surroundings then the Alvear is well worth a visit.

Alvear Palace: Avenida Alvear 1891
Subte: Callao, Line D

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