Bar Oviedo

As a visitor to Buenos Aires, you are unlikely to stumble across Bar Oviedo, given its location in Mataderos which on a good day is an hour-long bus ride from the tourist strongholds of Palermo and Recoleta.

Bar Oviedo

This doesn’t mean that you have no reason to visit, as Bar Oviedo sits at the heart of the one of the more off-beat tourist attractions, the Feria de Mataderos which takes place every Sunday outside of the summer months.


Selling itself as a gaucho fair, the Feria de Mataderos features a dizzying array of stalls, folklore music and sizzling barbecue which on their own make it worth a visit. It that weren’t enough, smack in the middle of the action is the 113 year-old Oviedo which provides all the refreshment and character you could require on a hot sticky Sunday in November.


Bar Oviedo: Lisandero del Torre 2407
Colectivos: 55, 126, 180

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