Bar Seddon

San Telmo’s Bar Seddon couldn’t ask for a much better location. Slap-bang on the tourist drag of Defensa, next to the Mafalda statue on the corner of Chile, it’s in the heart of the one of the busiest parts of town.


It also looks the part, with its dark wood tables, intimate lighting and worn black and white flooring. Somehow though Bar Seddon doesn’t really stand out. This is more of a feeling than something I can put my finger on. I’ve had a coffee or a beer a few times in there and I never get the desire to linger. It’s not overly touristy, but the service is sufficiently cold and impersonal, to make it feel that it’s not really trying, just going through the motions.


Bar Seddon: Defensa 695
Colectivo: 152, 29, 64

This page is part of a series examining the Notable Bars of Buenos Aires.