Confitería Ideal

One of the grand old ladies of the Buenos Aires cafe scene, the Confitería Ideal opened 101 years ago in 1912 and has been serving Buenos Aires society ever since.


Known for its afternoon milongas where locals have been coming to dance tango for decades, the Ideal has catered to everyone from presidents to artists.

So, I was a little disappointed when I walked in on a Tuesday afternoon and was confronted by a large and gloomy open space, empty apart from a couple of waiters milling around at the far end.


I sat down, snapped a few pictures and was ignored for over 10 minutes despite there being not a single other client in the room. So I left. I’ll give it another try one day, but for the time being I remain deeply unimpressed.

Confitería Ideal: Suipacha 384
Subte: 9 de Julio, Line D

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