Esquina Homero Manzi

Like La Perla, this is a Notable Bar which is all about a song. It is named for Homero Manzi, a prolific and politically-active tango songwriter, best known for his tango “Sur“, an ode to a lost-love which namechecks many of the barrios in the south of Buenos Aires, including the corner of San Juan and Boedo avenues where the bar is situated.

Given this illustrious tango history, it’s not a surprise to find that the bar itself plays heavily on this heritage. A long room with high ceilings, walls lined with tango photos with a stage at the far end, this is clearly a place with one message.


At lunchtime it’s divided in two, one side set up for coffee drinking and the other laid out with tablecloths and clearly catering to a local (all-male) business crowd.


The waiters all are kitted out in black trousers, white shirts, red cravats and armbands, topped off with a red and black apron. This is the industrial version of the Notable Bar, trading on its location and name, happy to market itself as a traditional bar whilst at the same time stripping itself of any atmosphere.


Esquina Homero Manzi: Av San Juan 3601
Subte: Boedo, Line E

This page is part of a series examining the Notable Bars of Buenos Aires.