La Nueva Andaluza

Most of the Notable Bars of Buenos Aires are concentrated in fairly central parts of the city and visiting them doesn’t often take you off the beaten track, so one of things that attracted me to the idea of checking them all off the list was the fact that I would get to visit some of the more far-flung (from my point of view) parts of town.

La Nueva Andaluz

La Nueva Andaluz

Which is how Mark, Laura and myself found ourselves in La Paternal at 4pm on a hot and sticky December afternoon, knocking back a cold beer in La Nueva Andaluza.


On walking in, I immediately liked the place. Firstly it was open, which is not always the case. Secondly the air-conditioning was working, which given the temperature outside was 35C was a blessing.


Lastly, I just liked the feel of the place. A few scattered tables with some old boys reading their Saturday news, the clack of billiards from the back room and not much else. The waiter wasn’t sure when it had opened, but he’d been working there 42 years.


One of personal measures of how much I like a Bar Notable is whether or not I could imagine myself using it as a local – popping by in the morning for a coffee and then dropping in on the way home for a chinwag and a beer with the boys and La Nueva Andaluza would certainly fit the bill. Almost worth moving to La Paternal for the privilege.


La Nueva Andaluza: Camarones 1412
Colectivos: 109, 110

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