La Perla de Caminito


I visit Caminito a lot with the tour. The people I take always seem to enjoy it, but I must confess it’s not a place I particularly enjoy visiting. Whilst the houses are undoubtably bright and pretty, the whole area is a massive tourist trap and is about as far removed from the Buenos Aires I know as you can get.


Which is why I passed in front of this bar dozens, if not hundreds, of times and never had the slightest desire to go in. But in the name of research we hit La Boca on a very hot Saturday afternoon and had a beer sat outside of La Perla de Caminito.


The place is decorated as you would expect a Notable Bar to be, but it lacks any personality. Like the rest of Caminito, it was exactly as I thought it would be, overpriced and forgettable.

La Perla de Caminito: Av Don Pedro de Mendoza 1899
Colectivos: 29, 64

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