Custom Private Tours

Our “Pay What You Want” Walking Tour does a great job of showing you the Buenos Aires that most tourists miss, but we also understand that there are times when you need to see more, or need to create an itinerary that fits your trip better.

If your time in Buenos Aires is limited, or whether you have specific interests and sites you want to visit, then consider a custom private tour to enable you to see the Buenos Aires you want to see at your own pace. Our sister company BuenosTours offers private tours, and as we share several tour guides we know you will have a great time!

The following tours are suggested BuenosTours itineraries – any itinerary can be modified and customised to your individual needs, and each tour can also be extended slightly to add another area for an additional fee.

Half Day Tours:

These half day tours take 3 hours, and all have a break at a cafe of historic or cultural value.

La Boca & San Telmo 

Conventillos, La Boca

Conventillos, La Boca

Start at Caminito in La Boca where you can see the colourful houses of the original port and take in the sights andsounds of one of the most lively areas of the city. From there catch a public bus to the neighboring barrio of San Telmo, full of tango and immigrant history, along its atmospheric cobblestone streets.

Historical City Center

Visit the historical cradle of the city with many of the sights that Buenos Aires is famous for, including the Casa Rosada, Plaza de Mayo, the Cathedral & the Avenida de Mayo.

Tomb of Rufina Cambaceres, Recoleta Cemetery

Tomb of Rufina Cambaceres, Recoleta Cemetery

Retiro, Recoleta and the Cemetery

This tour covers the upscale neighbourhoods of Retiro & Recoleta, with their mansion houses and beautiful architecture, before visiting the Recoleta Cemetery to see the elaborate mausoleums & learn about the people resting there, including Eva Peron.

Full Day Tours:

The full day tours take 7 hours, and all have a break at a cafe of historic or cultural value, as well as lunch at a traditional Argentine restaurant .

The ‘BA 101’ Tour covers San Telmo, the historic City Center – including the Plaza de Mayo, Casa Rosada, Avenida de Mayo and Metropolitan Cathedral – Retiro, Recoleta and a tour of the Cemetery. This tour can be extended by an hour to include La Boca for an additional fee.

The North and South Tours are for those who would like to spend two full days touring. The two tours cover La Boca, San Telmo, the City Center, Retiro, Recoleta, the Cemetery (all as mentioned above), plus the additional neighborhoods of Puerto Madero and Barrio Norte.

Half Day Tour prices are as follows:

  • Private group of 1-3 people: US$125
  • Private group of 4-6 people: US$200
  • Private group of 7-10 people: US$270

Full Day Tour prices are as follows:

  • Private group of 1-3 people: US$235 per day
  • Private group of 4-6 people: US$390 per day
  • Private group of 7-10 people: US$530 per day

All of the above tour prices include being met at your hotel to be accompanied to the tour start point (by taxi as needed), and your tour time doesn’t start until you reach the start point. Food/drink is not included in the tour prices.

As well as these tours, BuenosTours also offer themed tours such as a PhotoTour, Jewish Heritage Tour, Evita Tour and much more! Just inquire for further details and pricing.

If you are interested in a private custom tour, then please contact us using the form below with as much information as you can, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Alternatively you can visit BuenosTours website by clicking here.

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