About Us – FAQ

Who is behind Buenos Aires Local Tours?

Jonathan, the founder of Buenos Aires Local Tours

Jonathan, the founder of Buenos Aires Local Tours

Buenos Aires Local Tours was started by Jonathan, a laid-back English guy who, a few years ago,  left his job in Switzerland behind, put a rucksack on his back and flew to Buenos Aires. He travelled round a lot of South America and then settled in his favourite place of all, Buenos Aires.

When he had people to stay he would often show them round the main sites, Recoleta, Microcentro, San Telmo but more often than not the parts they enjoyed the most were just wandering around the less-touristy places. Both parts are important and Buenos Aires Local Tours aims to show you both.

The tours became so popular, with requests for many custom tours in addition to the Daily Tour, that eventually Jonathan called in some friends and other local tour guides to help out. Now Buenos Aires Local Tours is comprised of Jonathan, Ceri, Richard, Jessica, Oliver, Quincy & Penelope (team bios coming soon!). We’re all having a great time helping people to enjoy their time in the city, and passing on our local knowledge.

So you’ll show us the Real Buenos Aires?

No. Simply because we don’t know what that is. Depending on who you speak to the “Real Buenos Aires” could be living on the 32nd floor penthouse in Puerto Madero or it could be rummaging in bins collecting cardboard to recycle. What we will show you is what other tours don’t, areas that will increase your understanding of this vast and complex city.

It’s not just another tour. There are lots out there, companies that do walking tours, companies who’ll herd you round in a big group, show you where the President lives and charge you a whole handful of dollars for the privilege.

Frankly, if all you want to see is Caminito, the Colon Theater, and the Obelisco, then our tour might not be for you. You’ve got the Lonely Planet, there are walking tour routes in there – go for it! You’d probably have a great day, but you’d be missing so much!

If, on the other hand, you want to see some major sites like that and you want to take a local bus, learn about what makes Argentina tick, visit fascinating areas away from the usual tourist trail, learn some useful Spanish phrases and have fun doing then you should come along!

So, sounds great. How much?

The tour is run on a tip-only basis, or better put, you can “Pay What You Want”. However, we need Malbec & steak to survive so tips are more than welcome.

Why not charge a fixed fee? What’s the catch?

Honestly, there is no catch. We love Buenos Aires. We love living in Buenos Aires and love showing people round. It’s true that we could charge a lot for this tour, there are plenty of people who charge lots to show you a lot less than we do, but we genuinely believe that by letting everyone decide what they want to pay, we can share our love for this city with more people, and hopefully help you get the most out of your time here.

How do I book?

If you’re interested (of course you are, who wouldn’t be?), our “Pay What You Want” Walking and Public Transport tour runs on a prior registration-only basis (you’ll find the registration form on this page), to ensure a maximum group size for tour quality and happy guides & clients alike.

Unless otherwise stated, the usual start time is 10am and the tours can take place on any day except Sundays, however if you are a group of 4 or more people and can’t find the date you want, then feel free to request a different day.

With a usual start time of 10am, this 3+ hour tour usually finishes between 1pm and 2pm, in time for lunch. We meet in the City Center (again, unless otherwise stated), near the Plaza de Mayo (home of the Casa Rosada), and will provide the full meeting point details/the address etc after you register.

The tour also ends fairly centrally, on the edge of Recoleta, right by the D Line of the subway and many bus routes along the avenues Cordoba, Callao and Santa Fe, plus with taxis easy to find, and lots of good restaurants, cafes and things to see in the area – come on the tour and we’ll suggest where to go after! 🙂

Can’t I just pay you a fixed fee?

But, of course! We will happily organize a custom private tour for you, with as much or as little input from you as you want to give, our rates are more than competitive – use the form on the contact page for details.

So what else do I need to know?

One of the most important (and unique) parts of your time with us will be catching a colectivo. We do this for two main reasons. Firstly it allows us to see more in less time and secondly it all adds to the experience. Figuring out which bus to catch, where to get on, how to ask for a ticket and where to get off is not difficult once a few simple things have been explained. We’ll show you how and then you’re free to explore the city on your terms all you want!

However, we do ask that you bring as much change (monedas) as you can – buses only accept change.

We’ll see you soon on a tour, and if you have any questions in the meantime, feel free to drop us a line.