Tango in Buenos Aires


For visitors to Buenos Aires, experiencing the tango is a must-do for any itinerary. Though, inundated by options, sometimes it’s hard to choose the best tango activity. Don’t fret, because we’re here to help. These services are divided into two main categories depending upon how you would like to experience the tango: dancing or watching.

If you are interested in dancing, we suggest a private tango class. The lesson lasts one hour and is taught by a professional dancer. It covers the fundamentals of the Argentine Tango danced in the milongas of Buenos Aires.


If you prefer to watch the tango, we suggest either the local experience of an Accompanied Milonga Outing (Nightlife Tour), or for something grander, a tango show in a theatre (with or without dinner).

For the former, you’ll attend typical Buenos Aires milongas with your guide, where locals and foreigners gather to dance tango. By the end of the evening you’ll have a grasp on the true Argentine tango, its importance in the Argentine culture and how it affects the lives of Argentine and foreign tangueros.

For the latter, a grander tango show in a theatre, we recommend Piazzolla Tango as the best all round quality and value option. You can read more about Piazzolla Tango over at our friends’ website BuenosTours.

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All photos ©Jocelyn Mandryck