La Exposición Rural

It’s hard to imagine when in the middle of its capital, but Argentina is a rural country and vast swathes of its land are devoted to crops and animals for both export and local consumption. By and large these two sides of Argentina don’t meet apart from beef on a plate in a San Telmo parilla but for 10 days a year the countryside comes to town at the Exposición Rural in Palermo.

Held at the largest exhibition centre in Argentina (itself named La Rural) on Plaza Italia, La Exposición Rural gives you the chance to see the finest animals in the land and then in true Argentine style, allows you to sample what they taste like, with a large market section selling local produce from around the country.

A Pig's Life

A Pig's Life

It’s not huge, and can be seen in a couple of hours, but it’s a nice way to see the role agriculture and the rural communities of Argentina contribute to life here in the capital.

Location: La Rural, Plaza Italia
Dates: 14- 26 July 2011 9am – 8pm
Cost: 20 pesos

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