Rainstorms in Buenos Aires

January and February are hot in Buenos Aires with temperatures upwards of 38C and higher not uncommon. Even though it’s a great way to escape the winter months of the Northern hemisphere, the heat can get a little much and it’s always a relief when a rainstorm arrives to cool things down.
Rain Storm, Buenos Aires
Of course, you have to be a bit careful what you wish for, because when it rains here in summer it doesn’t do things by half. Within 20 minutes the drains reach capacity and 10 minutes later the street has 4 inches of water covering it.
Car on flooded street
People run for cover, wading knee deep through the streets and cars create waves as they speed past. It’s quite a show for half an hour and then the rain begins to weaken and before long it stops. The water levels begin to lower and before you know it’s over. Until the next one.
Flooded avenue

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