The Buenos Aires Subte Translated

I’m a big fan of the alternative Tube map, so I though it would be fun to (badly) translate the station names of the Buenos Aires Subte system into English. This is what the Buenos Aires Undergr looks like (click on the image for the big version).

The Buenos Aires Undergr

I had most problems with the stations named after people. Where I’ve been able to discover the origins of the name, that’s what you have, but a few have me stumped and appear in their original form. I will also confess to one translation being a total guess, but I’m not telling which one.

I also know that the H Line has now been extended to add “Hospitals”, but I was unable to find an online version of the latest map. Even the map on the official site still finishes at “Patrician’s Park”.

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  1. Francisco says:

    Nice idea, i always use to changes local places to an english way.

  2. clara says:

    very clever!! made my laught

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